Why I started NTSM


I've been in the beauty industry for half my life, what continuously drives and inspires me is the fact that I have the power to make a difference in helping individuals feel good about themselves, inside and out. 

Throughout the years, I've continually experienced one specific dilemma, clients are constantly complaining that nothing works for them and they can't find their perfect product. So when I do find them something, they believe I'm their miracle worker. 

The truth of the matter is, I'm not a miracle worker. It always surprises me when a client I spent time with tells me that. There is no magic sauce to what I do. All I did was listen to them and offer advice catered to their needs and lifestyle.

Another thing that I found frustrating is that companies keep giving out samples and gifts with purchase where more often not, these aren't even products that the client needs. These samples or gifts weren't given to the client for their specific needs or concerns but as a tool to drive their company sales. Smart sampling is an important tool when used correctly.

And I never understood why only social influencers get treated like royalty? What about the front line consumers that actually support the brand? I mean, who doesn't want that influencer treatment. I know it’s not feasible for companies to be giving out these experiences left, right, and center, but in a perfect world wouldn't that be ideal. 

This is why I started the Note To Self Movement platform. The nature of beauty has always been to empower individuals. And in my personal life, I've always been known as the connector. I love connecting my contacts and friends together so that we can create a  solid support system where everyone can help each other and create a safe space to ask questions, get education, and to know that they aren't alone.


I created this all encompassing platform so we can help address all these problems. 

  • A platform to network and to empower each other
  • A safe space for consumers to ask personal skincare, cosmetic, and wellness concerns. To receive accurate information straight from the source where they’re able receive advice catered to their individual needs 
  • An opportunity to try out products that be educated on how to use the product and how it works on their specific skin types
  • A sense of belonging and community
  • A platform to learn without bias

Welcome to 
Note To Self Movement

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