Getting to know the NTSM Team: Bowie


This designer is named after the famous musician and luckily can live up to that namesake during karaoke with her go to favourite Bon Jovi’s “Living on a prayer”. Joining NTSM with her sister, that’s right sister, because of “the same shared beliefs; empowerment, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, etc” but let’s be honest, obviously her sister twisted her arm into free slave labour. All kidding aside, Bowie’s favorite thing about NTSM is the diversity that it brings with brands and experience. 

If those weren’t juicy details, the cutest thing ever is Bowie’s nickname; Bobo. When sharing her proudest accomplishment Bowie had this to say “myself, being the person that I aspired to be everyday while constantly tweaking and evolving to be a better self. The goals and dreams I’ve accomplished so far in my career, the relationships i’ve built (friends, family, colleagues, mentors, mentees, etc)”.

Bowie loves to start her day with a good cup of coffee and some time alone to reflect before starting her day, and boy, let us tell you, her days are jam packed. Outside of her day job, Bowie stays active with boxing, and working on her personal design project - an app, which we can’t wait to hear more about in the future! 

We asked Bowie what movie described her life and her response was “Good Will hunting”, we at NTSM aren’t sure which character she would play in the movie of her life, but for everyone that knows Bowie, knows that she is terrible at Math. But saying that, her friends would describe her as ambitious, determined, and honest. She told us if she could change one thing about herself, it would be her stubborn streak, but we think she is perfect just the way she is!


Personal Motto: What goes around comes around

Favorite Book: A Brave New World by Aaron Dignan

Favorite Movie: Gattaca 

Favorite Meal: Chinese Food

How many steps are in your skincare routine: 3 steps

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