Hello, we are Note to Self Movement

Get to know us better and meet the team

About Us

The Note To Self Movement was started by a small group of people in early April 2019 who shared the same goal; to translate the beauty and skincare industry without bias. Our aim is to dispel the myths surrounding the beauty industry and to provide a solid educational foundation for everyone to be able to step into their most confident selves through beauty, food, health, fashion, or fitness. We thought the best way to accomplish this would be through a variety of brand collaborated events that focus on educating attendees with personalized recommendations, tips, and free products. Our website, Instagram account, and in-person events all heavily focus on showing you product types that work towards your individual goals as well as how to use them to receive the maximum benefit. The more knowledge you gain results in more informed choices, smarter purchases, and most importantly confidence. There are no sales or fancy pitches at our events - only the support, knowledge and empowerment to make the best decisions for you.

The Team

Nolita Shum - Founder

Let's get to know the woman behind the Note to Self Movement, Nolita Shum. With more than a decade of experience under her belt, Nolita is a leading expert in the beauty industry. She has helped to launch brands such as Burberry beauty, and Tom Ford Beauty in the Canadian market. Most recently joining the Too Faced Canadian team. She’s also the recipient of a COSA Award; Cosmetic Outstanding Service Award in Luxury Beauty Retail.

One of her biggest take-aways from her experiences in the industry was the pressure put on individuals to purchase and the power of finding the right cosmetics products to empower an individual inside out. This led to the creation of NTSM, a platform to build better relationships with individuals and products through experience, education, and empowerment.

Nolita believes in continuous improvement of oneself; mentally, physically, and spiritually. When not working on NTSM, she loves to box, juice, meditate, do yoga and most of all contribute back to the community. She has spent the last nine years volunteering on the board of directors for a non profit association (SEAS).

Bowie Shum - Creative Lead

Bowie Shum is a Designer/Art Director from Toronto with almost a decade of experience. A graduate of OCAD University, Bowie is passionate about all things design – graphic design, UX, and consumer behaviour. In addition to her experience building CRM and social campaigns, she has a keen understanding of technology and its applications to enhance the consumer journey.

A strong leader with deep creative chops, Bowie has helped top-tier Canadian brands like Canadian Red Cross, California Resource Corporation, Hisense Canada, Boston Pizza, OLG, and Aldo. She currently works with TD on their digital team designing legendary customer experiences and of course the NTSM.

Aleks Mukhin - Lead Developer

Aleks is an expert in software development,  specializing in .NET. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and more than 8 years of experience in a software development world in various positions. He excels in helping clients achieve desired results by working to improve existing and implementing new software products, solutions, and processes.

At his current position, Aleks is helping to reinvent the digital experience for Canadians at CBC/Radio-Canada.

He believes in constant learning and self improvements, mind and body health, and new experiences.