Getting to know the NTSM Team: Nolita

So readers, you all may have seen our Founder Nolita on our instagram, and may have read some of our team’s bios on our website but let’s really get to know our team a bit better and in a fun way! 

We sent out questionnaires for the team to fill out and here’s what we learned



Nolita, also known as Nolits to close family and friends, has been in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years, she has even won a COSA award! We already know  she started NTSM because she wanted to make a change in the industry to enable individuals to feel empowered in their purchasing decisions (you can read more on our first blog post), but her favorite thing about NTSM is the people she gets to meet along the way. “Everyone is unique and KIND. Through these events, we really make lasting relationships. Second thing I love just as much is our team. Everyone is kind, hard working, driven, and an expert in their craft. Such inspiration. I learn something new everyday.” 

Now for those who haven’t met Nolita, well, it’s safe to say she is a bit of a workaholic, when asked what her dream job would be she told us “To be honest, I can’t imagine not doing what I’m doing now. That’s why I started this platform. It touches everything I love to do - meeting and connecting with new people everyday, empowering individuals, being involved with companies I believe in”. 

In what little time Nolita sets aside to venture outside of work, she usually focuses on wellness, she is an avid boxer, frequently meditates, and loves to indulge in red wine, feel free to ask her for her favorites, if you need some new suggestions. A little known fact, that she will deny, is  that Nolita is a great cook, she loves creating meals for people, maybe in the future we can write about her favorite recipes to try! 


Definitely a self-proclaimed extrovert, her friends would describe her as very particular, stubborn, and always kind (we all can contest to those qualities), if this girl had a superpower it would be the ability to “heal broken hearts. [She] believes that the world would be a better place if we were all able to act out of love”. 

Some people collect stamps, but Nolita loves to collect watches, her favorite of the collection is the vintage Cartier watch she “borrowed” from her mother when she was fifteen and never returned, Sorry mom! And if this girl could win a lifetime supply of one thing, that thing would be Truffle Oil. We have never met anyone that has to have anything with those two words on it. Someone give this girl her truffle oil please! 

Personal motto: There’s always a way - something she truly practices and believes, don’t come to her table with a no but a solution 

Favorite Book: Soulmates by Edgar Case 

Favorite Movie: Eat Pray Love

Favorite Meal: Butternut squash soup with tumeric, garlic, pepper, and truffle oil 

How many steps are in your skin care routine: at least 12 (day and night)

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