Happy skin hour!

Happy skin hour!

March 19, 2020
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Exclusive FREE FULL size products from these leading brands in the industry for you to kick start your routine at home!

Not only are they amazing products, but amazing products that are catered to your skin!

Best part about this event? You will get a chance to meet these industry experts in person to address some of your skin concerns in person!

No one is there to sell you anything, they’re there to give FREE advice and FREE products for you to be on the right skincare journey.

We have originally created this event for like-minded individuals to network and to have fun with your friends, but most of all to learn about insiders tips and tricks you won’t normally get from watching a blog or youtube video.

Often times, these in person- exclusive free product giveaway events are geared towards influencers.

What about the front line consumers? This is why you have to stop by and try this experience out yourself!

So come take part in this exciting movement at the Menkes Shop!